Empathy: A Q&A with Nathan Belyeu of The Trevor Project

Empathy if one of City Year’s organizational values. Given the complexity of the problems we seek to transform, the diversity of the communities we serve, and the inclusivity of our own corps and staff, a strong capacity for empathy is essential; it empowers us to collaborate effectively in order to maximize our impact. This value comes alive in our educational partnership with The Trevor Project.

We had the opportunity to interview Nathan Belyeu, Senior Education Manager of The Trevor Project, to discuss empathy and its impact on creating safe spaces for youth.

City Year believes that valuing empathy empowers us to collaborate effectively in order to maximize our impact – how do you envision the City Year/The Trevor Project partnership enabling City Year corps members to better support students in schools?

We hope that through the educational resources that The Trevor Project offers to City Year corps members that they will walk into education environments with greater understanding of LGBTQ students, and that they are equipped with tools to be able to not only work more effectively with students, but with their fellow corps members as well. We hope that the tools we have are things that corps members can use with students in the classroom – and that they can actively change the educational environment that they are in to create a safer learning environment.

Because Trevor’s life-saving and life-affirming services are open to youth through age 24, we also hope to serve as a resource for LGBTQ City Year corps members – to give them a safe space to create community and to help them cope with the challenges they face day-to-day. Whether a corps member needs an affirming voice on the Trevor Lifeline or TrevorChat, or they want to join a safe online community of LGBTQ and allied young people on TrevorSpace, The Trevor Project is a safe resource to support the well-being of City Year corps members.

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