National Bullying Prevention Month: Supporting the Students Involved

Students who bully

Talk to the student to learn what’s been going on and show you are concerned. Students who bully other students often feel isolated, ostracized and insecure themselves; so help the student understand that you want to help them change their behavior so they can have better relationships with their peers.

Teach students how to better manage their impulses and behavior.  At City Year we teach students to “Hold 10 and Choose 1.” This strategy may help stymie bullying behavior by reminding students of steps to take when they are feeling out of control or feel the impulse to engage in bullying behavior.

  1. STOP to recognize your feelings
    1. Are you angry, hurt, embarrassed?
    2. COUNT to 10.
    3. THINK about your choices:
      1. Walk away.
      2. Relax and take some deep breaths.
      3. Find an adult to talk to.
      4. ACT out your best choice

Find opportunities for the student to get more involved in school activities and to interact with students outside of their peer group.

Encourage the student to think about students they have bullied in the past and apologize in an appropriate way but writing a letter to the student.

Tomorrow we’ll share the final section - bystanders.

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